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Valuable assets, confidential data, secret technological information, commercial records - all these have to be protected for the smooth running of a business enterprise. Most of the time businesses are a victim of slack security, not due to the careless leak of information by a faithful employee or a major technical glitch, but minor reasons, such as misplaced keys or a malfunctioning lock. Reiterating that simple security lapse on your part may lead to complex consequences. Locksmith Solution Services will advise you on how to safeguard your assets and valuable data from falling into the wrong hands.

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It is careless to leave your confidential data, business plans and project details lying around. Unauthorized personnel, competitors, and even thieves may lay their hands on them, endangering your business' security.  If you are security conscious regarding your data and plans, call Locksmith Solution Services for file cabinet lock installation immediately. You can protect valuable information from leaking out by simply locking important documents in a file cabinet. The file cabinet locks increase the overall security enormously. 

Choose from a wide range of locks

There is wide range of file cabinet locks that vary in shapes, sizes, and functionality. To deter a child from raiding kitchen cabinets, a simple key-based lock would suffice. However, for advanced security, you must choose an appropriate file cabinet locks from our extensive inventory. From ultra-modern electronic locks to sophisticated tamper-proof locks, we have a wide variety to pick from. Our experts can guide you through the latest locking systems and suggest the ones that lie within your budget.

File cabinet unlocking/locking/rekeying

It is true that the things we rely on to make our lives easier may also, in fact, make our lives more difficult. Imagine you are running late for a very important business meeting, all your project reports and proposals are ready and safely kept in a file cabinet, but you are unable to open it as the lock is stuck. What would you do? Fortunately, Locksmith Solution Services is one of the most pro-active service providers in Daytona Beach, FL with skilled technicians who can resolve your issues in a trice. They can reproduce a duplicate key on-site or repair the lock so it does not trouble you any further. If you think that your keys are stolen, our experts can rekey all the locks in a jiffy.

Whether you require a new file cabinet lock or repair the existing one, we are available round-the-clock in Daytona Beach! Call Locksmith Solution Services immediately!