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Locksmith Solution Services Daytona Beach, FL 386-277-4143Due to constant use, your sturdy little key can become a victim of wear and tear. When a key is turned in the lock, it is subjected to an abrasive effect. Long usage, rust, and general wear and tear are some of the common reasons why a key might break inside the lock. While key duplication is easy and can be performed at any hardware store, extraction of broken keys from locks can be a tricky business. Locksmith Solution Services locksmiths offer 24x7 lock and key services in Daytona Beach, FL and can expertly retrieve broken keys in a jiffy.

What causes a key to break?

Despite the sturdiness of the keys, frequent usage does have an effect on them. Keys can break in locks due to two prime reasons:

  • Presence of ‘weak points’

The grooves etched on the keys create ‘weak points’. After prolonged usage, these grooves develop cracks leading the keys to break.

  • Use of light-weight materials

Hardware stores use inexpensive and light-weight material to craft duplicate keys, which are not ideal for prolonged usage. The material is prone to get cracks easily, bend out of shape and snap within a short period.

Key trouble? Call in the experts

It’s useless to forcefully extract a severed piece when your key broke in the lock as it may damage the lock further. The wise option would be to hire an expert. What might look like a complex and intricate process to you is a routine job for our skilled locksmiths.

Why choose Locksmith Solution Services?

If your key broke in lock, you need an expert to perform a non-destructive and least invasive removal procedure, and that’s where Locksmith Solution Services comes to your rescue. Our skilled locksmiths can cautiously remove the broken part while ensuring zero damage to your lock. They can also create a duplicate key on-site from the finest materials and eliminate the likelihood of the key breaking inside the lock in imminent future.

Did your key break in the lock? Call Locksmith Solution Services immediately at 386-277-4143!